Juuri & Juuri

Juuri and Juuri

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Juuri & Juuri was founded in 2003 by two professional folk musicians. Since then it has performed in all Finnish major folk music festivals and made a long tour in Germany in 2013. The duo’s double CD “Fiddlers / Quiet Rapture” was released by Ääniä Records in
2013. It has been received very well – at the moment (January 2014) it is nominated for prestigious Emma prize. Juuri & Juuri has also made theatre music projects.
Master of Music Eero Grundström is the foremost reformer of Finnish harmonium, known for his percussive, innovative style and use of electronics – but still he loves pure Finnish traditional folk. Grundström also plays harmonica in the internationally renowned harmonica quartet Sväng. As a sound engineer Grundström has recorded several professional folk music CD‘s in Finland in his own studio.
Emilia Lajunen’s powerful style claims its origins in archaic heritage and fiddler music. She studied violin and nyckelharpa at Sibelius Academy (MMus, 2007) and at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Lajunen has twice placed first in the traditional series of the distinguished Konsta Jylhä Competition, and experienced much success in international folk music competitions. Her solo album, Turkoosi Polkupyörä, was realesed in 2012. She plays in numerous bands and has toured in Germany and Scandinavia.

Emilia Lajunen, 5-string fiddle, nyckelharpa, vocals
Eero Grundström, harmonium, harmonica, vocals

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