Päivi Hirvonen


© Antti Kokkola

The dialogue between violin, voice and bowed lyre and the seamless collaboration between the three – with this instrumentation Päivi Hirvonen creates music that is filled with stories and strong emotions. The inspiration for her distinctive compositions comes from a Finnish tradition, and in her music one can hear the different aspects of what life has to offer us.
Päivi’s strong voice, skillful fiddling and charismatic performing are brought together in her music in a unique way.
“We make choices in our lives — sometimes the right ones, sometimes the wrong ones. Sometimes something or someone decides for us — we cannot always affect those choices. We cannot change the past or prevent it from affecting the present. But what we do have power over is how the past defines our future. Do we dare to seize the moment and allow ourselves a new beginning?” Päivi Hirvonen contemplates on the album’s themes.
Päivi Hirvonen is a Helsinki based musician, composer, researcher and pedagogue – violin, voice and bowed lyre as her instruments. She is a master of tradition while also creating new traditions, and in her music and artistry both sensitivity and strength meet. She has graduated as a Master of Music from Sibelius Academy in 2011 and is currently a doctoral student at the Academy researching solo performance and storytelling. Besides her solo project, other important and active bands at the moment are Okra Playground and the LempiLempi duo.

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